What is the Clap STD? An elite natural Gonorrhea STD cure

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Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women & Men; natural STD Gonorrhea remedy
Male symptoms of Gonorrhea-an elite natural Gonorrhea remedy
What is the Clap STD? An elite natural Gonorrhea STD cure
Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women & Men; natural STD Gonorrhea remedy
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Std Gonorrhea Symptoms - The effects on both women and men showing symptoms of Gonorrhea;

Sadly, when most women and some men acquire Gonorrhea, they are not even aware that they have it. Nearly 60 percent of women and 10 percent of men won’t even know they have the disease. This fact is the main reason why it is distributed so broadly; sexual partners aren’t generally even able to inform one another that they may have caught  the STD  from them, because many won't know they have it.

Gonorrhea symptoms, usually appearing between 2 and 10 days after exposure, can actually take up to 30 days to begin and are sometimes so mild they are mistaken for something else. This is especially the case with women.


Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women and Men; Initial Signs of Gonorrhea are Similar – But Long Term Effects Show Differently In Each Gender


STD Gonorrhea symptoms in Women - Knowing you have it can be tough - Understanding the signs of Gonorrhea in women are essential now

Women that do actually show symptoms of Gonorrhea will either show subtle or obvious signs of Gonorrhea to include any of the following:

• a slight pain or burning when urinating
• possible slight abdominal/pelvic region pain or cramping
• a burning sensation when having intercourse
• Yellow, green, or white vaginal discharge
• Abnormally stronger urine smell when peeing
• Irregular bleeding (spotting) during periods
• Spotting after intercourse
• Itchy anus
• Sore throat with possible swollen lymph nodes in neck (gonorrhea in throat)
• Conjunctivitis (pink-eye)

If left untreated, female gonorrhea patients can develop chronic pelvic pain, followed by pelvic inflammatory disease or PID (a broad term for inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes and/or ovaries), infertility, and complications during a pregnancy. And worse still, but considered very rare, men and women both can incur joint pain with inflammation disorders, and severe eye problems after the pink eye such as corneal scarring and blindness.


Gonorrhea in women; symptoms of gonorrhea in women infection rate pic
Gonorrhea in women; early 40's poster depicting symptoms of Gonorrhea


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