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What is the Clap STD? An elite natural Gonorrhea STD cure

For your consideration; a few pages extracted from actual report,
For your consideration; a few pages extracted from actual report,
Ultramodern elite natural antibiotics for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia



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For your consideration, an excerpt of the report

~~ This area intentionally

                                                                                                                         left blank  ~~

Our third herb; chosen today due to its extremely vast array of health benefits, but a few specific ones too;

Based on the benefits of our first 2 herbal remedies, one might think that all the bases are covered for near perfect human health!   Yes, it almost does seem like the 2 herbs have most all ailments under wraps.  But there are tons of things that can go wrong with the human body. 

Also, I happen to be introducing these herbs to you in order of their strength and significance in what they are capable of achieving.  Once we uncover some of the added benefits that *********** ********** brings, you will realize that we are barely scratching the “perfect internal health” surface.

For starters, *********** ********** (aka ****** ********* ************ *********************** ********* ************) is a world leader of all herbs against cold and flu (which are classic immune system “measuring tools” in the eyes of herbalists) In the U.S. and also certain European and Nordic countries such as … . You will notice that most packaging and names of products that utilize it aim fairly specifically at colds, flu, and general “winter time” sickness immunity or sickness relief

This is because *           * is regarded as one of the strongest individual immune builders of any herb known.  People in flu-prone regions gobble this stuff up to avoid the forth coming flu-infecting season or to stop a current flu in its tracks.   Heck, if one were to combine some Zinc, Echinacea, and maybe a dash of vitamin C to *           **, and take such a concoction weekly, said individual would never worry about the common cold or flu again…ever!  One would then be benefiting the body against multiple dozens of other bacterial and viral sicknesses as well, as a matter of fact. 



Almost too many uses to share here

--------    --** has been used for centuries in …      …and in India as a medicinal herb to treat gastro-intestinal tract and upper respiratory infections.  It is also used in these places to fight fever, herpes, sore throat, and a variety of other chronic and infectious diseases that are common to people. 

~~ this area intentionally

                                                                                                                                                        left blank  ~~

In traditional Chinese medicine it is an important "cold property" herb, used to rid the body of heat, and to expel toxins from the body. This alone is a major benefit in protecting against Western “Lifestyle diseases”.  There are two critical “rules” you learn when beginning studies to become a naturopath.  One; is that the body needs to avoid things that create internal heat/inflammation in it, and the other; is that it needs to avoid things that create an acidic state in it.   Maintaining “coolness” and “alkalinity” are paramount when striving for the best of health.  Kind of a deep topic though for a later read maybe.

As it stands, ------ ------- is superior at combating heat in the body.  Research conducted since the '80's has confirmed this fact.  Research has also determined that it is a polycrest (broad-use spectrum/systemic) herb and maintains a bioavailability of near 27 percent. It has a surprisingly wide range of pharmacological effects, most of them extremely beneficial. 

Below are most of the benefits received by taking ------ -  ----- ;



This is the complete page 9 of the report;

Excerpts of pages 12 & 13 of the report;

Complete page 14 of the report;

Highlighted entries represent our immediate concern-related benefits received:

  • Analgesic: pain killer.
  • Anti-hyperglycaemic: has a blood glucose lowering effect.
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces swelling & minimizes exudation from capillaries, (a heat removing benefit).
  • Antibacterial.  More on this benefit in a bit, since it is why we are here today
  • Antihepatotoxic: eliminates liver toxins, such as products of alcohol consumption
  • Antiproliferative:  Stops the growth of viruses
  • Antipyretic: fever reducer.  A heat removing benefit
  • Antiviral: inhibits viral activity. Inhibits HIV, Herpes, and Cancer cell replication, among others
  • Antioxidant: operates against free radicals.  Another “heat” fighting benefit
  • Well known top-level fighter against oxidative stress
  • Cancerolytic: best known amongst scientists for killing cancer cells through induction of cell cycle arrest, making it very popular for anti-tumor benefit.
  • Depurative: cleans and purifies the system, particularly the blood.
  • Hepatoprotective: protects the liver and gall bladder.
  • Immune Enhancer: increases white cell phagocytosis and improves CD4+ and T lymphocyte counts.  Best known for this among general herb enthusiasts
  • Thrombolytic: blood clot eliminator.

The two main benefits we seek from -------------- today is that it

  • Stimulates the lymphocytes, neutrophils, and natural killer cells in our body.   Thereby priming them for action against all types of invaders, including gram negative bacteria such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia!   It stimulates and activates in our bodies extremely well:
    • Antigen-specific response: antibodies are made more abundantly to counteract invading microbes, and
    • Nonspecific immune response: macrophage cells react better and quicker to scavenge and destroy invaders

And finally - and most importantly, it

  • Shows through a technology called signal transduction, to interfere with cellular cycling or “cellular conjugation”.

The main constituent ingredient in --- that we want to focus on is ---------, a member of the -----enoid family of natural chemical compounds, of which has extremely high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and outstanding immune stimulating properties.  These three distinct capabilities enable ---------- to powerfully protect the body against any invader.   As one can easily begin to see, including it in the diet long after Gonorrhea or Chlamydia is removed would be a smart idea.



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----------’s 4 main mechanisms are;    

  1. Its recently studied, and highly acclaimed effects on diabetes &  blood sugar/cholesterol/triglyceride abnormalities
  2. Its anti-inflammatory effects, like that of its cousin, shared earlier
  3. Liver Stagnation fighting properties as mentioned above
  4. And, its unique antibiotic effects through a “magical silver bullet” feature it wields called Adhesin-Receptor inhibitor interaction.

I am going to break benefit no. 4 down for you because it is one of the most profound and critical of all benefits to be found in your arsenal for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia removal. 

Two events must take place for bacteria to begin incubation and then to thrive

The attachment of bacteria to mucosal surfaces (adhesin) is the 1st event in the pathogenesis (growth steps) of most infectious diseases, but definitely in our two.   The 2nd event to occur is generally the “coming together” (conjugation) of bacteria to their like-kind, so they can communicate, gain growth momentum, and gain growth numbers.  But let’s cover event two a bit later as the next herb shared takes the reins on that topic.

Bacteria know how to thrive.  They are the first organisms to ever be placed on our planet and know how to survive.   They would consider themselves to have a purpose.  They are smart. With that said, one of the ingenious things they do is use protein-based receptors to find the human tissue of choice for their growth, and attach to it. 

As we have learned, certain tissues comprised of mucous membrane linings (Epithelial tissue), are what our two bacteria invaders happen to favor.  But only the simple columnar epithelial cell tissue and none of the other 7 human’s Epithelium “group” of cell tissues do they seek.  This fact essentially explains why gonorrhea thrives initially at any or all of these mucous membranes; anus, cervix, testicles, urethra, mouth, throat, and (eyes-to an extent) - lucky for us.  Any more tissue types attacked, and infected people would have Gonorrhea/Chlamydia all over their skin, intestinal tract, stomach linings, ears, hair, just to name a few.  Sounds like an attractive date to bring home to mother heh?

In a nutshell; -------------’s ********* content interacts with the bacteria’s receptors and essentially inhibits (dis-allows) any newly-replicated bacterium that is arriving to the tissue to “adhere” to said target tissue.  Adhesin-Receptor inhibitor interaction!  Very powerful feature if you ask me.  This occurrence scores a major milestone towards our goal of healing ourselves from Gonorrhea and/or Chlamydia!