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Natural Gonorrhea Treatment & 100 year Gonorrhea timeline

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Natural Gonorrhea Treatment & 100 year Gonorrhea timeline
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A commanding elite natural treatment for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia
All Gonorrhea & Chlamydia test options with pros & cons of each



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Natural Gonorrhea Treatment; a simplified alternative treatment protocol that you have discovered just in time – A scary reality


1919- Gonorrhea was treated with a simple mix of Merbromin (Mercurochrome-220brand) mercury and glucose in a multiple-visit injectable form.


In 1931, Colloidal Silver would be used in stead. Silver would prove to be an incredible treatment for Gonorrhea as it was being used to treat just about any and all sicknesses going back as early as 1870

However, Commercial pharmacy manufacturers began to arrive and would end silver's diverse and incredible reign by bombarding the public with synthetic product ads and posters and would also begin to cultivate the power of the FDA to follow suit to enforce thier interests. 


A Gonorrhea Timeline; 1920's

1919; Mercury is used until

the late1920's

There is a real problem coming with regard to today's conventional Gonorrhea treatment..the medical community, after 110 years of standard treatment administering, is running out of options! A Gonorrhea Timeline;

Gonorrhea has been infecting people for centuries. The bacteria has been infecting since the early days of Greece and beyond, although it was not given its name until 1879.


Gonorrhea Treatment; 1930's

1935- The Mayo Clinic developes the “fever cabinet” for patients to sit inside of while exposing only their head.

Body temperatures would be elevated to approx. 107 degrees for as long as 6 hours per session generally with 8 sessions necessary over a 3 week span. Unfortunately, cardio disease-prone and arthritic patients reacted poorly to this treatment.


However, because the bacteria lie predominantly in the pelvic, anal, and external reproductive regions, isolated heat concentrated to just the vagina, rectom, etc would later be a favored solution.


1937- Sulfonamide antibiotic treatment gained popularity over the cabinet treatment, but was also short-lived, due to the radically fast pace at which the Gonorrhea bacteria resisted its effectiveness.


1946; Newly discovered Penicillin (put into production in 1943), starts to get world-wide effective use as does Chlortetracycline for the next 35 years in the curing of Gonorrhea.

Certain strains would arrive to combat the treatment over this time span, but scientists would create penicillin derivatives to answer the challenge.


1983- By 1967, Spectinomycin is discovered, and takes its position as the new Penicillin side kick until 1983. These two Gonorrhea medications would resolve an infection in a patient with ease.


In 1983 an aggressive Gonorrhea strain outbreak in North Carolina would mark the beginning of the end of the use of standard Penicillin for use for Gonorrhea treatment world-wide.

As this particular strain proved to resist Penicillin at surprisingly high rates. 


1946 to 1980

The CDC and WHO recommends a particular family of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones to be used now.

In that group is Ciprofloxacin (Cipro), Levofolaxicin, and a few others. They are now the official alternative to the penicillin and spectinomycin usage protocol of the 80's leading through to the mid 90's.

1987 to 1995

The always-changing bacteria strains build huge resistance to this timeline's Gonorrhea treatment….yet one more time.

In April, 2007, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are forced to change their recommendation again.

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are now ineffective after near 18 years of success. The change brings back a little used class of antibiotics known as cephalosporins.

Ceftriaxone, Cefixime, and some others in this class used sparingly in the early 1990’s will now make its debut as the 1st string cure-all of an uncomplicated Gonorrhea infection.

Visit the Original CDC webpage released April of 2007 showing this Gonorrhea treatment update and change recommendation.



In 2013, the CDC completed a 36 month trial testing two separate regimens to be used once the currently recommended Ceftriaxone/doxycycline, Ceftriaxone/azithromycin, or Ceftriaxone/Cefixime combos become ineffective for the treatment for gonorrhea. Clinical Trials.gov Identifier: NCT00926796, 36 month test

These two regimens simply use existing drugs in new combinations;

•   injectable gentamicin with a azithromycin pill,
•   or a agemifloxacin pill with a azithromycin pill.

The above 2 currently testing agents (gentamicin and gemifloxacin) are poised to be the final choices available for the resolve of all near future Gonorrhea infections. There are no additional known options left after these last 2 selections encounter the inevitable forth-coming resistance from Gonorrhea.


 2013- Shorter & shorter timespans occurring between effective protocols

1928; Alexander Flemming discovers Penicillin

1936 poster proclaiming

new-found drug success

" Bacteria infects, grows, mutates (changes its core physical traits to adapt), and remembers  as it travels through hosts over the centuries"

A quick recap of Gonorrhea treatment resistance:

  • It took 38 years from 1946 to 1987 for penicillin to become ineffective,
  • 20 years for Fluoroquinolones to encounter its resistance from treatment for Gonorrhea (1987 to 2007)
  • And only 3 years from 2007 to 2010 for the CDC to scramble and begin a 36 month testing program (completed in 2010) for 2 new regimens as it is realized that the cephalosporins class (including 1st choice Ceftriaxone used since 2007 through 2015), is already seeing great resistance from the bacteria as early as 2009.


The Future looks dismal for would-be infected patients needing Gonorrhea treatment - A bacteria that is resisting treatments in exponential fashion now;

Be sure to see "The Ultimate Natural Gonorrhea Solution" link offered at the bottom of this page


This is a 1937 (highest & final model) - Fever Cabinet used until roughly 1939

The Ultimate Solution - The 6 Day Natural Remedy Approach;

page 5;

State-of-the-Art Natural Treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia


" What used to be called an easily treatable STI “back in the old days”, will soon just be a standard non-treatable STD that patients will have to live with "


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