What is the Clap STD? An elite natural Gonorrhea STD cure
Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women & Men; natural STD Gonorrhea remedy
Natural Gonorrhea Treatment & 100 year Gonorrhea timeline
A commanding elite natural treatment for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia
All Gonorrhea & Chlamydia test options with pros & cons of each
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What is the Clap STD? An elite natural Gonorrhea STD cure

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Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women & Men; natural STD Gonorrhea remedy
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Natural Gonorrhea Treatment & 100 year Gonorrhea timeline
Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women & Men; natural STD Gonorrhea remedy
Natural Gonorrhea Treatment & 100 year Gonorrhea timeline
All Gonorrhea & Chlamydia test options with pros & cons of each
Natural Gonorrhea Treatment & 100 year Gonorrhea timeline



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What is the clap std? a dna strand 'cellular'

The low-cost, definitive and NATURAL removal of the simple and quite common sexually transmitted bacteria Gonorrhea and Chlamydia




What is the Clap STD? Gonorrhea; current-day resistance and a natural Gonorrhea cure

remove this STD naturally & definitively. Is Gonorrhea curable? What is the clap std?  Natural remedy promises that the Clap will be cured and that being infected with this simple gram-negative bacteria should not generally create a huge cause for alarm. One will easily learn how to successfully remove the bacteria quickly and naturally with the help of a few herbs that when combined, become state-of-the-art when eliminating a Chlamydia or Clap STD.

Falling just under the infection rate of its cousin Chlamydia, Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that attacks mucous membranes and resides in certain parts of the human body.

The good news is that you will discover that it is quite easily curable, whether you choose the conventional or natural method to do it. Although what you will also soon discover here is that conventional medicine is running out of options to fight this bacteria. And there are some odds that getting coventional treatment may not help you.  Either way, when caught relatively early in its existence, little or no damage is typically done to an individual seeking a Gonorrhea cure.

The bacteria resides in the warm and moist body cavities of both men and women and are highly contagious. These cavities include the vagina, the cervix (opening to the uterus), the uterus, and fallopian tubes in women. Included also are the urethral section, mouth, throat, anus, and prostates of women and men. The bacteria can also grow in the testicles of men.

See STD-Gonorrhea-symptoms (page 2) for symptoms and long-term consequences of having the clap std infection.


News on the Clap STD

The Clap STD antibiotic resistance article

June, 2014-Gonorrhea is about to become impossible to treat

Antibiotic resistance means the Clap might soon spread more aggressively than ever;

Gonorrhea has taken many forms over the last few decades. The strain that people acquire today isn't the same one that previous generations had to deal with. In fact, it might not be the same strain that infected people a little over 10 years ago. That's because gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), has become resistant to most of the antibiotics that we have used to combat it over the last three decades...    read more on the clap STD resistance at theverge.com

For a complete timeline of the last 100 years of Gonorrhea's growing resistance, see pg 3; natural gonorrhea treatment.


Treating the Clap STD conventionally vs. taking a natural Gonorrhea remedy approach; Making a choice -- Is Gonorrhea Curable?

Is gonorrhea curable? Gonorrhea bacteria, like its close cousin Chlamydia is relatively easy to treat conventionally...for now, that is.

This is especially true when it is treated fairly soon after initial infection. The problem begins however, as stated on the symptoms of Gonorrhea page 2 is when men and women do not realize they are actually hosting the bacteria thereby allowing it to proliferate throughout ones system unchecked and thereby complicate the healing process and healing timeline.

Also, when using conventional treatment and not natural protocol, falling into a statistic of being "non-treatable" due to the ongoing resistance of the Gonorrhea bacteria to current-day medicine, grows highly likely for a patient.  Natural treatment does not suffer this same "resistance" fate.

Once a person suspects they have contracted gonorrhea, the current-day conventional approach for removal is to:

  • visit a doctors’ office or a local clinic for testing
  • receive a cervical or urethral swab test, or the equivalent
  • the swab specimen is then sent to a lab for results
  • results are reported back to doctor/clinic generally within 48 hrs
  • re-visit doctor to likely receive a Ceftriaxone┬« injection @ 250 mg*

*Inclusive of the main Ceftriaxone injection into a patient shown above, it is extremely likely that there        will be another oral” prescription given to the patient.

The next prescription given is going to be for the elimination of Chlamydia Trachomatis, a similar bacterial infection that essentially causes the same symptoms in men and women as the clap STD (Gonorrhea). It is statistically known that near 60 percent of the people infected with one of these STD’s will have the other bacterial infection as well which was assumedly likewise acquired during the same intercourse session as the first.

The doctor will prescribe either:

  • Doxycycline to be taken 2 times a day (orally) for 7 days
  • or Azithromyacin to be taken in approx 1 to 5 doses (orally).

To see more on the natural alternatives available for this increasingly multi-drug resistant bacteria, visit page 3, Natural Gonorrhea Treatment/Gonorrhea timeline.

To learn what average national costs are for testing of these two STD’s run, with or without insurance in the conventional medical industry, visit page 4; Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test options page.


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